ECOAZUR®: the most advanced intelligent DCKV system

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What is EcoAzur

ECOAZUR acts as a central controller for your kitchen’s HVAC system. ECOAZUR senses a wide range of parameters from temperature, smoke/steam/particulates, exhaust and supply airflows, speeds of VFDs or ECMs, and optional modulating dampers.

Integrating with any design, hoods, or layouts, ECOAZUR will maximize the energy savings potential of any kitchen.

ECOAZUR cutting edge optics

ECOAZUR’s cutting-edge solution constantly monitors your kitchen for even the slightest changes in temperature and detects smoke and vapor in an instant. Thanks to the sensors’ precision, they can control any fan or damper—even in the harshest kitchen environments.
  • Machined and robust stainless-steel design
  • Waterproof and grease-proof
  • No calibration required
  • Unsurpassed reliability
  • Sensors blink to intuitively notify kitchen personnel that attention is required
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

EcoAzur Benefits

The most efficient DCKV control system available on the market today
waterproof and greaseproof sensors detect the smallest particulates in any environment


Patent-pending modulating dampers solve the riddle of energy savings in designs with multiple hoods on one fan
Can work with any kitchen design, layout, or hood manufacturer

State of the art dampers

The addition of modulating dampers to the ECOAZUR system allows for top-notch, precise control of kitchen designs that include multiple hoods sharing a common exhaust fan.

ECOAZUR’s premium solution combines its advanced sensors with modulating dampers without the need for cleaning, cutting, or welding ductwork.

Take your savings to the blue level with ECOAZUR’s highest performance, most energy efficient solution possible!

Top Notch control from anywhere

With ECOAZUR Cloud capabilities, you can remotely monitor your ECOAZUR system from any device. Instantly and seamlessly gather data on your system’s performance. From sensor data, fan speed trends, and in-depth analytics and monitoring you can always ensure your ECOAZUR system is operating at its most efficient level.

Kitchen Energy Solutions has been an invaluable partner to work with. Their team brings an expansive knowledge base as well great and fast customer service. They are extremely easy to work with and always get us our answers quickly so our customers are not waiting. No project is too big and “can’t be done” is not in their vocabulary.

David H.


Working with KES was such a great experience.  Last year we went through a very large project of installing the ECOAZUR systems on our kitchen exhaust hoods.  Cameron and team were incredible.  They were onsite way ahead of time creating our install plan and worked with me on scheduling with the client.  The areas that we were installing this equipment has very little room for downtime. 

Colby F.

JLL, Dunkin Brands

My experience with KES was great.  Shop drawings were provided very quickly, with the detail that really showed what was needed so that we were able to clearly read it and pick up all needed connections for our design drawings.  They provided a ROI estimate which was key for a client to understand the value of a product like this and how it can affect their bottom line. 

Laura L.

Culinary Advisors

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Kitchen Energy Solutions is a brand of Air Solutions & Balancing, LLC


Kitchen Energy Solutions

40 King Street | Unit 1 Auburn, NH 03032

T (603) 262-9292 Option 3

Kitchen Energy Solutions is a brand of Air Solutions & Balancing, LLC
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