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The Benefits of DCKV

Kitchen exhaust hoods have traditionally been an on or off proposition. The hood was turned on when the crew came in and turned off, (hopefully), when the crew left. When you stop to consider how much cooking was going on under the hood during that time, it is obvious that this practice wasted a lot of energy.

Energy to power the exhaust fan at full speed all day, as well as energy in heating and cooling the air in the kitchen, only to throw it out into the atmosphere. Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) controls the exhaust and supply fans automatically in order to provide the correct amount of exhaust at the correct times, based on the amount of cooking being performed, saving you energy and money.

An investment that will save you money

A proper and well designed DCKV system can save money for the operator every single day. Consider the fan operating as low as 30% of its capacity for all of the hours when there isn’t any actual cooking. If that’s even as little as 5 hours a day, you’ve saved 70% of your fan power for 5 hours! Not to mention that for those five hours only a small fraction of your (paid) precious conditioned air stays where it needs to be- inside.

Your fan doesn’t work as hard and therefore will most likely last much longer. Not to mention that your electric bill will be smaller as well.

Why choose Kitchen Energy Solutions?

Kitchen Energy Solutions and our DCKV product, ECOAZUR, offer the most efficient answer to the demand control needs. KES has been in the demand control business for over 17 years and offers a full service solution from design to final startup in one complete offering. We take the initial project from the design and proposal stages through the coordination and installation phases all the way to the final startup and demonstration stage. Eliminating coordination questions, field problems and finger-pointing at installation is our specialty.

What we offer:

The most efficient DCKV control system available today
Installation, programming, and operation handled by our team
Unmatched energy savings in the industry 
1 year site coverage, 24 hour phone support and full integration with our Cloud.

states serviced

hours total kitchen ventilation control

Why our customers choose us:

Team dedicated to your project and continued support beyond the deadline
Complimentary ROI statement and calculation


Industry experts committed to saving you money and energy 
Lightning fast responses and problem solving

Kitchen Energy Solutions has been an invaluable partner to work with. Their team brings an expansive knowledge base as well great and fast customer service. They are extremely easy to work with and always get us our answers quickly so our customers are not waiting. No project is too big and “can’t be done” is not in their vocabulary.

David H.


Working with KES was such a great experience.  Last year we went through a very large project of installing the ECOAZUR systems on our kitchen exhaust hoods.  Cameron and team were incredible.  They were onsite way ahead of time creating our install plan and worked with me on scheduling with the client.  The areas that we were installing this equipment has very little room for downtime. 

Colby F.

JLL, Dunkin Brands

My experience with KES was great.  Shop drawings were provided very quickly, with the detail that really showed what was needed so that we were able to clearly read it and pick up all needed connections for our design drawings.  They provided a ROI estimate which was key for a client to understand the value of a product like this and how it can affect their bottom line. 

Laura L.

Culinary Advisors


Dunkin World Headquarters

Dunkin World Headquarters in Canton, MA required a custom control solution for their commercial kitchen hoods in their R&D and employee kitchens. With the ecoAZUR DCKV system installed, the kitchens now have fully automated control over 7 kitchen hoods, 8 exhaust fans and 5 makeup air units equating to an energy efficient, comfortable environment.

Connecticut College

Connecticut College has implemented the ecoAZUR DCKV system for its dining halls on campus. The college is now enjoying the ease of fully automated control of their commercial kitchen hoods as well as over $45,000 per year in energy savings!

Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s kitchen was an ideal location for a kitchen hood control system capable of operating 7 hoods independently, while also integrating to the building automation system for a variety of scheduling options. The ecoAZUR system met and exceeded the needs of the kitchen by providing optimal energy savings and the ability to continuously monitor cooking conditions to ensure the fans run if the hoods are being used outside of scheduled hours.

Gillette Stadium

Gillette Stadium utilized DCKV in both their Players and Main Catering kitchens. KES handled the turnkey installation here for this system on 12 hoods, 7 exhaust fans and 3 makeup air units. With a smooth, worry free installation process, Gillette was able to enjoy the full automation of their kitchen hoods in a timely manner with no downtime.

Harvard University

DCKV has been installed in every commercial kitchen at Harvard University with KES managing the full installation process. With over 15 dining halls utilizing this technology, emphasis was put on a speedy, thorough installation process over the summer months. Harvard has been seeing the energy savings on these DCKV systems for over 10 years.

TD Garden

Walk into TD Garden and you will see DCKV technology utilized in every restaurant, catering, and concession stand kitchen. For over 25 kitchens and through multiple phases of installations, KES was able to manage the entire installation process from conception through completion. All this while ensuring that the puck could drop or the ball tip off every day!

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Kitchen Energy Solutions

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Kitchen Energy Solutions is a brand of Air Solutions & Balancing, LLC


Kitchen Energy Solutions

40 King Street | Unit 1 Auburn, NH 03032

T (603) 262-9292 Option 3

Kitchen Energy Solutions is a brand of Air Solutions & Balancing, LLC