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A team of dedicated experts and engineers

The KES Story
Meet our passionate and dedicated team of experts committed to providing exceptional service

Kitchen Energy Solutions started in the kitchen design world and is a division of Air Solutions & Balancing with over 20 years of experience with turnkey DCKV systems. KES has remained adaptable and on the cutting edge of education in our space. We’ve added certified energy managers, certified energy auditors, engineers, and a nationwide network of technicians to support every facet of the systems we service.

We prioritize meaningful industry partnerships and connections to help bring you the best products and services like partnering with Intellinox to become the United States distributor of the ECOAZUR® system.

Who We Are
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The KES team is rooted in our passion for our work which can be seen through our top-notch customer service, expansive industry knowledge, and providing access to valuable educational resources.
Our Dedicated
KES Team
At KES, we're committed to be reliable and accessible to our customers nationwide. We take great care in our work, ensuring that every detail is attended to and that our customers are satisfied with everything from the initial inquiry to the final install.
Customer Support
With over 20 years of experience, our team at Kitchen Energy Solutions is dedicated to staying up to date as industry experts and leaders in the field to provide you the most knowledgeable and thorough installation and support.
The Leading
Industry Experts
We make the numbers work for you. With our complementary ROI and energy savings calculator, you’ll know exactly what savings to expect with your investment.
Your Costs

Meet our team of knowledgeable industry leaders and engineers.


Meet our team of knowledgeable industry leaders and engineers.

At KES, we believe in happy customers and a happy team. We are a certified Great Place To Work and our team has over 20 years of industry experience from managers, certified energy auditors, engineers, and a nationwide network of technicians.

Wherever you are, our staff is excited to speak with you about your Demand Control Kichen Ventilation (DCKV) project.

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Our Core Values
The Kitchen Energy Solutions commitment, direct from our CEO


It’s what you do when nobody’s looking.

We take Integrity extremely seriously here, as we built the business from it. Our customers know they can trust us! It’s therefore only fitting that we write this into our company handbook. Only sincerely integrity filled people may work with us!



We are America’s most responsive Firm.

We react quickly and in a positive way to our team or customers. All inquiries are acknowledged by the end of the day, because everybody deserves to know what’s happening with their requests.


We all work together towards achieving the company vision.

We treat all team members with the same level of respect and gratitude. It makes no difference if you’re a field technician, an accountant, a human resources person, a project manager or the CEO – there would be no company without any of us. Only together do we make up our great team.


We look after our physical and mental health, safety, and the health of others!

Your physical safety at the job site! There are always physical dangers at a construction job site and we take this very seriously. We insist that you follow all safety rules, by taking care of yourself and others.

Your mental health; state of well-being that enables you to enjoy your profession and personal life. We acknowledge that most of us have “stuff” that we are dealing with. As a company, we want to be there for you and listen to questions or concerns.

Always Improving

We believe in constantly learning and becoming better at our job. Learning never ends!

Learning is a lifelong journey, and we expect our team to embrace this. We will help train you; we will guide you along, but we have strict expectations of continuous learning and accomplishments. We believe mastery is a perpetual goal.

All In

Be engaged, love what you do, be proud of your expertise, be happy to be here!

Our CEO’s favorite Core Value! We want you as our team member because you enjoy being here and not because it is a paycheck. We highly encourage team members to seek better opportunities elsewhere when they are no longer engaged with us! Only with ALL-IN team members can we accomplish our vision.


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