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Discover the leading DCKV system: ECOAZUR®

Maximize kitchen efficiency with ECOAZUR®

ECOAZUR® Technology is the ultimate choice for commercial kitchens looking to maximize energy savings and operational efficiency. Its unparalleled adaptability caters to kitchens of all sizes, regardless of the number of hoods, fans, or layout. The greaseproof and waterproof sensors endure the harshest kitchen environments while demanding minimal maintenance, saving valuable time and resources.

With multiple system configurations, from single-hood to multi-kitchen projects, ECOAZUR® ensures optimal energy conservation tailored to each establishment. Its optional modulating dampers can be effortlessly retrofitted into existing spaces without cutting or welding. Compatible with any brand of VFD or EC motor, ECOAZUR® can also seamlessly integrate into building automation systems, granting users enhanced control and monitoring capabilities. Fully automatic, the technology takes the guesswork out of energy efficiency, making it the go-to solution for eco-conscious kitchens aiming for a greener and more cost-effective future.

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Learn more about the high quality features that make ECOAZUR® our preferred technology for increasing kitchen efficiency and saving you money

ECOAZUR® leverages cutting-edge optics, redefining energy efficiency in commercial kitchens. The advanced optical sensors ensure unparalleled accuracy in detecting grease and particulate matter, enhancing safety and reducing maintenance. Experience a new level of performance and sustainability with ECOAZUR®'s state-of-the-art optical technology.
Cutting Edge
ECOAZUR® incorporates cutting-edge damper technology, revolutionizing energy efficiency in commercial kitchens. The modulating dampers enable precise control over airflow, optimizing ventilation and reducing energy wastage. With seamless integration and effortless retrofits, ECOAZUR® sets new standards in sustainability and performance for kitchen environments.
ECOAZUR® integrates state-of-the-art temperature sensors, elevating energy efficiency in commercial kitchens. These advanced sensors ensure precise monitoring, enabling optimal reduction in energy consumption. Experience accuracy and savings with ECOAZUR®'s cutting-edge temperature sensor technology.
ECOAZUR® boasts top notch energy control, revolutionizing savings in commercial kitchens. Its user-friendly interface allows precise management, optimizing consumption and reducing waste. With easy integration and real-time insights, embracing an eco-conscious future has never been more efficient!
Top Notch

How it works

Explore our custom ECOAZUR® solution, piece by piece by clicking on the highlighted areas below.
Keypad & Processor

ECOAZUR®’s simple user interface allows the user to see the status of their exhaust fans, makeup air units, and modulating dampers in real time. This keypad allows for automatic control of all ventilation appliances, control of the hood lights, display of faults and alarms, and for simple programming adjustments. ECOAZUR®’s processor panel is the brain of the operation. One processor panel can connect up to 75 sensor devices and will communicate outward to exhaust fans, makeup air units, and modulating dampers.

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ECOAZUR® Cloud allows for 100% remote access and monitoring of the entire system and its operation in real time. With a simple login, a building owner, kitchen manager, or KES engineer can view the current kitchen operations, system status, fan trends, sensor data and trends, and even make remote adjustments. A building owner with multiple ECOAZUR® systems can compare locations with an easy to use interface.

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Plug & Play (Hood Controller)

Sensors and hood controllers on the ECOAZUR® network are all simple plug and play devices. This makes for an easy installation and integration throughout the entire ECOAZUR® system. Hood controllers on top of the hood take in information from all temperature sensors, optic sensors, modulating dampers and any additional devices to communicate this data back to the ECOAZUR® processor.

Next: Temperature Sensors
Temperature Sensors

The ECOAZUR® temperature sensors are intelligent sensors that measure the cooking load based on the temperature in the hood collar or canopy. These sensors are used to ensure the hood ventilation automatically starts when the cooking equipment is turned on and can be individually programmed for multiple modulation ranges depending on the cooking appliances for each hood. This allows for adjustments to the desired exhaust airflow rate according to the actual cooking load.

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Optic Sensors

ECOAZUR®’s cutting edge optic sensors constantly monitor the kitchen for even the slightest changes in smoke and vapor production and detect these changes in an instant. With these sensor’s precision, they can control any fan or damper in even the harshest kitchen environments. ECOAZUR®‘s optic sensors are one-piece machined and have a robust stainless steel design. They are entirely waterproof and greaseproof with no calibration required. ECOAZUR® has unsurpassed reliability and requires minimal maintenance or cleaning. In the unlikely event that an issue arises, the sensors will blink to intuitively notify the kitchen personnel that attention is required.

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Modulating Dampers

The addition of modulating dampers to the ECOAZUR® system allows for top-notch, precise control of kitchen designs that include multiple hoods sharing a common exhaust fan. This solution combines ECOAZUR®’s advanced sensors with modulating dampers without the need for cleaning, cutting, or welding ductwork. These optional dampers allow for an ECOAZUR® design that will maximize energy savings in your commercial kitchen, regardless of hood layout, design, or number of exhaust fans.

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The ECOAZUR® Impact
What makes ECOAZUR® the top performing technology

Cloud Based Monitoring & Analytics

ECOAZUR® can immediately send alerts when changes occur with your commercial kitchen ventilation system and provide access to comprehensive reports so that you can identify even more ways to save on energy costs and improve comfort.

Real-Time Airflow Control

The system’s processor analyzes and safely adjusts both fan speeds and modulating dampers to maintain optimal air quality—with airflow rates going as low as 30%.

Custom for Any Kitchen Design, Hood or Layout

ECOAZUR® has a solution to maximize the energy savings potential of any commercial kitchen regardless of design, number of hoods, hood type or size/shape, or number of exhaust fans. With multiple configurations available, KES will ensure that the right system is designed for your commercial kitchen. Multiple integration options are available – from simple standalone systems, to more integrated solutions with Building Automation Systems, dampers, VAVs, and many more.


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