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Your DCKV questions, answered

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All your Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation system questions, answered by our team of ECOAZUR® experts at KES

Whether you’re looking for product specifications, user manuals, or have other questions about KES and ECOAZUR®, this page has all of the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. In addition to FAQs, you can also find other resources and videos to dive even deeper into ECOAZUR® technology. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us directly and our team will be happy to assist you.

Questions Answered
All of your ECOAZUR® questions, answered by the experts

What is DCKV technology?

Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) is the process of modulating the exhaust fans and supply fans (makeup-air units) based on the level of cooking activity underneath the kitchen hoods. This is done by sensing temperature, smoke, steam, grease and particulate changes.

Will ECOAZUR® control makeup air?

Yes! The ECOAZUR® system can tie into your dedicated makeup air unit for the kitchen and/or kitchen hoods to ensure proper air balance and maximum energy savings. From simple makeup air units, to VAVs, DOAS, RTUs and more, ECOAZUR® has the solution.

Can any brand of variable frequency drive (VFD) work with ECOAZUR®?

Yes! ECOAZUR® can control any brand of variable frequency drive.

Is ECOAZUR® compatible with EC motors?

Yes! ECOAZUR® is compatible and can control EC motors.

Can ECOAZUR® integrate to a Building Automation System? (BAS)

Yes! ECOAZUR® can integrate with a building automation system in a few different ways. Whether it’s simple analog communication or BACnet, ECOAZUR® makes it simple!

What energy does ECOAZUR® save and what factors affect the savings?

ECOAZUR® will be responsible for electrical savings on the exhaust fan and makeup air fan motors as well as heating and cooling savings in the space. Size of the kitchen, runtime hours, climate, total controlled horsepower, and utility costs will be the largest factors in the amount of energy saved. Please see our Energy Savings Calculator to find out how much ECOAZUR® can save you!

Does ECOAZUR® qualify for utility rebates?

Yes! ECOAZUR® can qualify for local utility rebates. Please contact us to learn more about rebate options in your area!

What information is needed for a quote of ECOAZUR®?

The number of kitchen hoods along with the overall length of each hood. Hood configuration and layout – pictures are always great! Number of exhaust fans and makeup air units along with motor nameplate information of each fan and unit. Always feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your project or for a complimentary walkthrough.

What maintenance is required on the ECOAZUR® system?

Very little maintenance is required on the ECOAZUR® system. We recommend a wipe down of the sensors twice per year. The sensors are waterproof and greaseproof and can also be cleaned as part of the normal hood cleaning process. If too much grease should build up on an optic sensor, the sensor will blink and the keypad will alert the kitchen staff that cleaning is required.

Is training provided on the ECOAZUR® system?

Yes! We provide a training session as part of every ECOAZUR® system installation. 24/7 KES support is also available for any questions or additional virtual training sessions.

Will the kitchen need to be shut down during an ECOAZUR® installation?

No, the kitchen will remain operational throughout the duration of the installation process. Work can be performed off hours and the system can be installed during a time that won’t interrupt any operations.