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Are you leaving money on the table? Discover your energy savings potential.

Unlock your savings potential from switching to ECOAZUR® with the KES Energy savings calculator. Whether you are in energy service, food service, or an end user looking to implement, our calculator can help you find the best savings available, regardless of your industry and role. It just takes a few seconds to answer the questions below and find out just how much money you could be saving every year with a more efficient kitchen ventilation system.


(Total Fan Horsepower of all exhaust and makeup air fans that will be controlled by ECOAZUR®)


(Total Cubic Feet per Minute of air of all exhaust fans that will be controlled by ECOAZUR®. If unknown, please enter Total Length of Hood below.)


(Total Length of all controlled kitchen hoods in Feet. If unknown, please enter Total Controlled CFM above.)

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Fan Energy Savings
Heated Air Savings
Cooling Savings
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The ECOAZUR® Energy Calculator is for estimation purposes only. Assumptions include: Controlled makeup air, natural gas heat, and set heating and cooling set points. Please contact Kitchen Energy Solutions for a full Energy Savings Report for your project.