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History of Kitchen Energy Solutions

Kitchen Energy Solutions is a division of Air Solutions & Balancing with over fifteen years of experience with turnkey DCKV systems. Starting off in the kitchen design world, KES quickly integrated the dawn of DCKV systems into our suite of services. Over the years, KES has added certified energy managers, certified energy auditors, engineers, and a nationwide network of technicians to support every facet of these systems.

Partnering with Intellinox to become the United States distributor of the ECOAZUR system has allowed KES to not only offer top-notch service, but also the pinnacle of this technology. 

What we do sets us apart

 Our experience has allowed us to be well rounded in all facets of this multi-divisional product. KES will work with food service consultants and design specialists, engineers, energy service companies, electrical and mechanical divisions, end users, and more to ensure constant communication and seamless installations. From initial design and sale, through project management and installation, KES has you covered!

Kitchen Energy Solutions has been an invaluable partner to work with. Their team brings an expansive knowledge base as well great and fast customer service. They are extremely easy to work with and always get us our answers quickly so our customers are not waiting. No project is too big and “can’t be done” is not in their vocabulary.

The technology they supply is not only easy to design and work with it is extremely flexible and customizable to each unique project. The ECOAZUR system is cutting edge controls in the kitchen ventilation market. The energy savings from these controls are far above any demand control systems from most hood manufacturers. These savings quickly recoup for the costs of the equipment. The ability to retrofit this equipment into existing hoods despite manufacturer makes this system a universal fit for all projects.

David Hayes


Working with KES was such a great experience.  Last year we went through a very large project of installing the ECOAZUR systems on our kitchen exhaust hoods.  Cameron and team were incredible.  They were onsite way ahead of time creating our install plan and worked with me on scheduling with the client.  The areas that we were installing this equipment has very little room for downtime.  Throughout the install process KES stayed in constant communication on progress and the job was completed ahead of time and on budget.  KES was professional, responsive, and detailed and I will continue to utilize them for future projects.

Colby Fillippelli

JLL, Dunkin Brands

My experience with KES was great.  Shop drawings were provided very quickly, with the detail that really showed what was needed so that we were able to clearly read it and pick up all needed connections for our design drawings.  They provided a ROI estimate which was key for a client to understand the value of a product like this and how it can affect their bottom line.  Having a direct connection with Eric was critical through the process and he was right there whenever we had questions.  I think that EcoAzur is a great product that has launched into our market very quickly posing some tough competition in the market.

Laura Lentz

Culinary Advisors

We are also the leaders in Testing & Balancing nationwide!

Please visit Airadigm Solutions to learn more about our services for cleanroom, fume hoods and air balancing.

Cameron Ritzenthaler

Energy Auditor & Project Manager

Cameron earned his Bachelors of Science in Environmental Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and continued his education becoming a Certified Energy Auditor. He leads the Kitchen Energy Solutions division as the Sales Engineer and Project Manager READ MORE

Eric Von Kaenel

National Sales Manager

Eric joined Kitchen Energy Solutions (KES) with 40+ years in the food service industry. His extensive experience has involved project design, product development and marketing, and has participated in industry panels and forums throughout his career. Additionally, READ MORE

Our Team

Olaf Zwickau

Owner | CEO

Greg Tribou


Kane DeSouza


Brian Sharkey

Chief Training Officer

Sheila Lufbery

Senior Controller

Lisa Simpson


Gisela Rogers

Accounting | Receivables

Peter Zwickau

Safety Officer | Quality Assurance Manager

Kyle Cone

HR Manager | Recruitment

Aryion Petrelle

Marketing Manager

Jason Roy

New Business Development Manager

Cody O’Connor

New Business Estimator

Trish Manuel

Senior Estimator

Danielle Verdonck


JT Hall


Matt Aloisi

Colorado Regional Manager

Colby Nugent

New England Regional Manager

Taylor Wheeler

New England Project Manager

Tanner Mann

New England Project Manager

Dan Bryan

Texas Regional Manager

Maurilio Perez

Senior Project Manager

Jason Plunkett

Fume Hood & Cleanroom Specialist

Steve Buelterman

National Accounts Manager

Jen Jackson

National Accounts Coordinator

Liz Hobold

National Accounts

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